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We are one of the top recruitment consultants in Delhi-NCR and a leading professional recruitment partner to renowned companies with jobs in Noida, Delhi and Gurugram (Gurgaon), which helps you get a bright career in Delhi. We widely open the door for BPO/ Call Center, Banking, Travel, Education, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Human Resource jobs for you. Our tie-ups with numerous companies and the huge and excellent database of job seeking candidates help us build a platform where the best employer meets the best candidate.

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Selection conversion rate of our lined-up candidates make us stand out in the crowd.


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Founders of Cenitex

Everything started with a VISION. The first step before anyone else will believe in it, it is you who have to believe in it.

Sajid A. Khan


Dexterity is not when you are better than your men; it’s all about your ability to make your men better than you. They should be at a stage where they can represent you. A successful business requires knowledge, firm determination, being into the details, complete focus, self-confidence, not allowing any obstacle intimidate you, acting as per the plans set and above all, employees & their satisfaction.

Every organization wants to hire ‘the best’ out of the crowd. What if we just hire ‘a good one’ and make him or her eligible to stand as ‘the best’? The one who gets hired because of being the best may leave you, but the one whom, you make ‘the best’ will have to think a lot before leaving you.

Sudhanshu Sengar


Staying focused on the dreams is the way to success. Everyone has some goals but it is being achieved by those only who have the determination.

Things may be difficult, but not impossible, willingness to do matters. Each and every attempt which is unsuccessful leaves a lesson for us, all we need to do is; learn from them and act better and it will lead you to the goal successfully.

“If this is evaluated by a photo-opportunity, then we would be doing a disservice to the nation. We all must come together and do this (clean India) wherever we are.” – Narendra Modi